Development Plan

With our new development plan we now have some limitations which have made it necessary for us to seek for sponsors and assistants from individuals, corporate bodies, international organizations and others. The assistance may come in physical donation of money or equipment. Equipment required at the centre includes Computers and Computer peripherals, Musical Equipment, Generating Sets, Bus to move our students in and out of the centre.

Phase I

Job Placement

We kindly seek for job placement for the graduates of our programme. This request we put first because the inability of our past graduates to secure gainful employment is making the credibility of our effort shaky. We look forward to your help towards absorbing some of these people, as it will provide our efforts with new momentum.


For some of the people who posses ability to work for themselves, we hope to assist them in setting-up in a small way that can enhance their leaving with initial monitoring. The assistance will be in term of providing equipments needed for their immediate take-off. Also, we need to optimize our current location to be able to serve our students better . To be able to do this, we will need the following equipment: Computers, Generator, Musical instruments etc.

Phase II

The second phase of the development will be moving to a bigger accommodation that will allow us to meet the need of more people.

Phase III

The third phase of the development will be moving to a permanent place for the Centre

Our Journey so Far

We started in a small room (12ft x 12ft). After a while, we discovered the place was too small for us in addition to the fact that the design of the place was not suitable to wheelchairs. We had three computers then. We later moved out to this current place which measures 25ft by 29ft. We have nine computers now for our programs.