Tobi Abudu

I will ever remain grateful for the opportunity I had in meeting the Centre for Empowerment of the Disabled.

My brother, Mike Iye introduced me to the centre and I went to see what I could gain from the centre. Just about 2 days into the training I planned to stop because the training time coincided with the time I was teaching part time. (That was all I did to sustain myself)

When the President of the Centre, Prince

Tony Ademuyiwa got to know about my challenge, not minding that I was to run the training free of cost, he decided to pay me exact money I was receiving at my part time teaching to enable me stay for the training.

It was a qualitative education and the relationship at the centre was more like a family even though I am from a Muslim background and he is a Bible Christian.

I am happy today for the opportunity he gave me as he employed me as an Instructor after I finished from the centre. He also encouraged and assisted me to further my University eduaction. He was also a major support throughout my university education. Today I am a graduate; I have a good job and happily married.

Tobi Abudu

College Librarian

Corona College of Education

Lagos, Nigeria

+234 808 024 9828