Admission into the Centre

The Centre is open to all special-need persons. No tribal, racial or religious sentiments. We also admit the less privileged who are able-bodied but financially handicapped, only that they will need to convince us of their situation. In most cases, admissions are done through the community leaders, churches and mosques. When and where necessary, investigation could be conducted to ascertain their claims.

We also accept people sent to us from Specials Schools , National Directorates of Employment, Poverty Alleviation Programme and any other Government Agencies for the sole purpose of empowering the individuals to be self-reliant in life.


Membership of the Centre is open to individuals and corporate bodies who have passions for disabled persons. These members will assist and help in the Center Programmes. They will also help in financing the Center. You can register your intention to become a member by using the links below. Or send an email to